Luther J. Sewell, Jr.
Founder & Publisher
Roxanne N. Sewell

Specializing and Effectively Communicating With Special Market Segments for 50 Years

The LJS Group is a 50-year old minority owned and operated, state certified, MBE organization, which concentrates in communicating to special markets.

Luther J. Sewell, Jr. founded LJS, Inc. in 1962 and in 2008, Roxanne N. Sewell was named president and the name changed to The LJS Group, with headquarters remaining in Pittsburgh.

For 50 years, we have worked as consultants, analysts, organizers, planners, and mediators for organizations with an interest in effectively reaching special markets. In addition, we successfully create advertising, public relations, and community outreach programs.

Our extensive experience includes:
  • public relations
  • conferences
  • advertising
  • marketing
  • political consulting
  • newsletters
  • diversity
  • writing
  • inclusion
  • surveys
Talk Magazine, was the corner stone of LJS, which covered life and issues important to the people of African-American communities. The popularity of the magazine grew because it told positive stories about black people, demonstrated that black people were successful, discussed important issues, and included a social element with women and fashion.

Currently, our professional staff has a combined experience of over 100 years, in marketing, publishing, banking, politics, community organizing, management, and executive backgrounds.

Understanding the importance of providing positive editorial and images for African Americans about African Americans, The LJS Group continues to cover and include only positive editorial about African Americans, Latinos and Asians in Talk Magazine. In addition, we continue cultivating statewide relationships through our network across Pennsylvania.

The LJS Group is committed to educating and empowering underserved communities throughout Pennsylvania and to that end, we will continue to grow our network utilizing our Convention and Roundtable events, our presence in print, online and electronic media. We look forward to your participation, please join us!

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