ball Black History Month Celebration and Merit Award
The LJS Group honors and recognizes those members of our community who continue their commitment to improving Civil Rights with the Byrd R. Brown/K. Leroy Irvis Civil Rights Award.
ball Pennsylvania African-American Network Convention
Talk Magazine and statewide organizations will host the Annual Pennsylvania African- American Network Convention. One of the major goals of this convention is to discuss the disparities in economics, health care, and political power African Americans face daily. This convention is held to remind us of our responsibilities, renew our commitment, and become skilled at maximizing our power.
ball African-American Jazz & Arts Festival
Jazz and art are an intricate part of the culture and fabric of life for African-Americans in Pittsburgh and as a celebration of these traditions, Talk Magazine sponsors our annual summer Jazz & Arts Festival. This exciting event will feature over 20 musicians, including the high point of the evening, the Walt Harper All That Jazz Awards given to members of the legendary Pittsburgh jazz community.
ball Minority Achiever's Awards Reception
The Minority Achievers Awards Reception is held each year to give public recognition and show appreciation to Minorities who have made outstanding contributions in their professions. In addition, this event displays the positive effects of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities provided by the employers of our dynamic achievers.
ball African-American/Latino Roundtable
Our nation is comprised of many different ethnicities and citizens of various cultural backgrounds. The African American and Latino communities are two vibrant and tenacious groups that have contributed enormously to American’s cultural fabric. In many ways, our cultures are very different, but united in the shared struggle against racial discrimination. This unique event is very important because it marks the amalgamation of two incredible groups of people. Apart, we would accomplish much, but together the possibilities are infinite.
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